• ・at the corner
  • ・at the bus stop
  • ・at the door
  • ・at work
  • ・at the end of the street
  • ・at the entrance
  • ・at the station
  • ・at the office
Please wait at the airport. I'll go and pick you up. 请在机场等候。我会去接您。
You need to swipe your ID card through a time recorder at the door. 需要在入口处的时间记录仪上刷ID卡。
  • ・on the wall
  • ・on the door
  • ・on the 6th floor
  • ・on the menu
  • ・on a page
  • ・on a train
  • ・on television
  • ・on the left
  • ・on the way
Please operate the machine following the instructions on the screen. 请按照画面指示操作机器。
I'm on the way. 我正在去的路上。(我现在就来。)
  • ・in the factory
  • ・in Tokyo
  • ・in Japan
  • ・in a box
  • ・in my pocket
  • ・in a car
  • ・in the newspaper
  • ・in the sky
  • ・in a row
Paper gets jammed in a printer often. 打印机经常卡纸。
Our office is on the 7th floor Shanghai World Financial Center, 100 Century Avenue. 我们的办公室位于上海市世纪大道100号上海环球金融中心7楼。