[初级] 应对电话时有用的短语

Hello, This is Taro Sato from XYZ company.
May I speak to Mr. Smith in the Production Engineering Department, please? 您好,我是XYZ公司的佐藤太郎。我想找生产技术部的史密斯。
Can I leave a message? 可以帮我转告吗?
I'll call him again later. 我稍后再打来。
Could you ask him to call me at 090-xxxx-xxxx? 能请您转告他,让他打给090-xxxx-xxxx吗?
Could you ask him to call me when he gets back? 能请您转告他,让他回来后给我打电话吗?
Could you ask him to call me as soon as possible? This is urgent. 能请您转告他,让他尽快给我打电话吗?我有急事。
Could you let him know that I called? 能请您转告他我打过电话吗?
Hello, This is K corporation. 您好,这里是K公司。
One moment, please. I'll connect you with Mr. Smith. 请稍等。我将为您转接给史密斯。
May I have your company name again, please? 能否再告知一下您的公司名称?
I'm afraid he is on another line now. 非常抱歉,他正在接另一个电话。
He is not at his desk at the moment. 他现在不在座位上。
He is out of the office now. 他现在外出了。
He left for the day. 他今天已经下班了。
He is off today. 他今天休息。
Shall I have him call you back later? 是否需要让他稍后给您回电话?
Would you like to leave a message? 您有什么需要转告吗?
Thank you for calling. 感谢您的来电。